Saturday, January 19

Water Tower Town

We have had frigid temperatures for a few weeks now.  It’s pretty sad when I get up and it is Zero and get excited because it may warm up for the day.    We have also had some pretty dense fog.   Out by my house some of the trees are thickly covered and when a little breeze hits, it falls off in big clumps.  I put my boots on for a couple of minutes and went out to my back yard this morning and snapped a couple of pictures of the trees with the frost on them.  Today we had beautiful clear blue skies.
I waited a couple of hours then bundled up, put on my boots and took a drive to our little local greenbelt along Indian Creek.  (I’m walking in the creek bed.)
This tree shows a good look at the frozen fog.
And just in case you didn’t know….   I live in a water tower town!
Enjoy!  and as always….

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 This video was taken by a local driving around K Town.

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Brandy said...

EVERY town in the South is a water tower town!