Friday, December 7

Grandma Beth

My Mom sent me an email the other day with a quote by her mom, my Grandma Beth. I thought I would share it with out and add it to my other quotes. My Grandma Beth gave birth to 8 Children. 6 pregnancies. She had 2 sets of twins. My mom is a twin.

(Here's a quote from Mom that you might like for your blog. When one of us thought our world was coming to an end she would say.............

"When you feel like you're near the end of the rope, tie a knot and hang on!")

Sorry the pictures aren't very good. I scanned them from a family recipe book. This is my Grandma Beth with all 8 children taken about 1975??
David, Mary, Dolores, Dorothy (mom), Lois, Bill
Bob, Grandma Beth, Carol. Dolores is my moms twin and Lois and Bill are twins.

Miss you Grandma!!
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Cristie said...

It was 1976. It was the bicentennial. We all got those flag pins that year. I was only 5 and remember that reunion very well. :)

dd2njoy said...

Oh that is such a beautiful quote!