Saturday, September 8

What Was I Thinking???

Last weekend Eric and Jenn came over for a BBQ - we were talking about all the stuff they've received for Carter and what they still need. Eric was saying that nobody gave them a homemade quilt/baby blanket. :( He remembers his as a child and how much he loved it and he thinks Carter will be deprived! :(
I ended up going to the fabric store and found the cutest sock monkey fabric! The sales clerk explained to me how to make a rag quilt and how easy it would be to make. I gave in and bought everything to make one. You've got to understand... I DON'T SEW!! I hem pants and mend. That is about it, unlike my mom and sisters that can sew any and everything!!! What am I thinking?? It sounds easy.. We'll see! I spent the last couple of hours cutting all of the 9x9 squares. Whew! that much is done!! The front will be the green and brown squares. The back will be the red with banana's. I like different, as you can tell. I didn't want it to be the usual pastel blues. This will definitely be an adventure!! Wonder how long it will take me?? I'll post the finished product when I'm done. The baby is due in 9 days!!
Click on the Picture and you can see the detail of the fabric a little better.
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