Friday, September 14


Today Eric and Jenn came to my work and picked up the baby quilt that I made for them. They loved it! I showed off the 9 month preg belly to my coworkers. She looked like she hasn't dropped at all. She said she felt like she would be pregnant forever. She had the opportunity to have her membranes scratched but chose not to because Eric wasn't at the appointment with her yesterday. The doctor said no change. Still dilated to a 1. The doctor told her he would do it next week if she wants. Her due date is Monday the 17th. About 30 minutes ago (6:30pm) she called me and told me her water broke. My son is a jokester and has called me the last couple of weeks so I said. Did Eric put you up to this? You're kidding right? She said "Would I joke about something like this???"
After visiting me at work they went to eat and her lower back was starting to hurt a little bit. Eric told her maybe she's going to start labor and she better eat because it could be a long time before she'll be able to eat again. They went to Home Depot after and were walking around looking at a few things and she said she felt like maybe she pee'd a little bit. She told Eric to see if he could see anything. She said he got down on his hands and knee's to look. Everyone in the store was looking at him. She said to him. "What are you doing? Get off of your knees! Stand up! " (I about died laughing when she told me that) She went into the bathroom to look and there was just a little spot in her panties. They drove home and she did a few things around the house. Her mom has been out of town and just flew in this afternoon so she called her to update her on everything. Her mom told her she probably did just pee a little bit. As soon as she hung up the phone her water broke. It was like a damn and gushed out full force. Thank goodness she was at home. I asked her where Eric was. She said that he was freaking out and outside mowing the lawn! I told her he's just burning some nervous energy. They're heading down to the hospital soon and will keep me updated. So.... It wont be long before baby Carter will be making his appearance in this world! Love Grandma!
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