Saturday, February 1

M4H P52: 5/52

I love when the Grandkids come over.  Most days my house is pretty quiet. There may be a TV on in the background, or I have some music playing.  When the Grands are here, the house is filled with love and laughter.   It’s amazing everything that is going on in all corners.   

This morning, the kids were getting a little restless. They had been coloring, watching a movie and getting along pretty well.  They decided to fight over a matchbox car.   Little Miss Kendall is a screamer.     I had to come up with some way to distract them.   I turned off the TV, put on some music and told them to run around and dance.   

That was the best thing I could have told them.  They were running and jumping everywhere.   I love their sweet little giggles.   Even though this picture is kind of grainy because of all the movement,  (they were moving fast)  it shows a tiny bit of their excitement.

The word for this week:   NOISE


Canon Rebel T3i, 50mm, Little Lusker – Envision.

Here are a couple more shots of the sillyness.

IMG_0572_edited-1 IMG_0576_edited-1




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Jenn said...

They always have a great time at your house :)