Saturday, January 4

M4H P52: 1/52

Ok.. I’ve tried doing project52 before.  I’m going to try again.   Basically you take one photo a week for 52 weeks.  The group leader will give the word for the week.    I am doing it with the M4H project52 group.  You can get all of the details HERE. There is a Facebook group and a Flicker group.  Again….. all of the details HERE.    It is kind of intimidating doing this project because a majority of the group are professional photographers and they take really good photos.   They are such an inspiration and I love all of the creative ideas.

The theme for week one is REFLECTIVE.

adjective: reflective

providing a reflection; capable of reflecting light or other radiation.
“reflective glass”
produced by reflection.
“a colorful reflective glow”
relating to or characterized by deep thought; thoughtful.
“a quiet, reflective, astute man”


I really want to work on my photo skills, and take more photos.   I chose  to take a picture of myself, looking into a mirror with my camera.  Photo was edited with the new action set ENVISION from Little Lusker.  I used effect SWEETS.  If you get her newsletter, she is offering 25% right now.




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