Sunday, January 5

A Winter Walk

It was such a pretty day Saturday.  The fog had lifted. The sun was out.  And the sky was blue with only a couple of clouds.   I had cabin fever.  I wanted out of the house.   I decided to grab my camera bag and hit the road.   I took a drive South of town to the desert.

This is what the desert of Southwest Idaho looks like.   It is about 8 miles from my house.


Off in the distance you get a glimpse of the Owyhee Mountains.


Isn’t it lovely?   Nothing but sagebrush and lava rock for miles.   It actually looks kind of pretty this time of year with the little bit of snow patches here and there. 



The pretty blue sky and sunshine was very deceiving.  There was a breeze and it had quite a bite to it.   I drove to Dedication Point off Swan Falls Road and hiked down the trail to the lookout.


Below in the canyon runs the Snake River.  What a beautiful sight.  Despite my numb fingers, pink nose and my hair blowing wildly in all directions; I took several shots.





Even though I was chilled to the bone, it was a nice little hike and it felt good to get out of the house.   I need to plan a few more of these adventures.   I think its time to get a new Four Wheeler.  Does anyone want to join me?




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♥Jacqueline said...

That was the first time I ever saw you near my side of the "tracks". I was wondering what you were up to ;) nice pics! I had just got done doing the same with Jeff at the observation point along the way. :)