Monday, September 23

Roseberry – Historic Idaho Town

We took a drive to the historic old town of Roseberry.  Roseberry is nestled in a beautiful valley within the Rocky Mountains, just 2 hours North of Boise. Surrounded by beautiful green pastures, mountain lakes and 360 degree views, you wouldn't know it today, but in 1911 Roseberry was the largest town in Valley County.  It was a Finnish community.  We visited the old general store, church, museum and several old homesteads.   You can read more about it here.

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Another drive around the lake….

  _MG_8326e _MG_8327e

Another elusive guy..   Every like crackle of a stick, or even the motor on my lens he would jump around and fly off.   These were taken with my 200mm.  The best I could get.  Some day.  And still no moose!

_MG_8331e _MG_8332e 

The afternoon we were leaving to head back to reality, standing in the middle of the road was a deer staring at us with that deer in the headlights gaze.   She just stood there staring.  We came to a complete stop. My Handyman finally tapped his horn and she slowly crossed the road.   That is the extend of my wildlife viewing other than the birds.  It was a very enjoyable trip.

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