Sunday, September 22

Lily Marsh Trail

After the BAD eating while on vacation, I really needed to get out and walk. Run. Just move.  My Handyman was not excited about the adventure.  Once I told him I would just go without him he decided to join me.   We drove into Ponderosa State Park which is  on one side of Payette Lake.  

It was mid morning and fairly cool.  I thought it was perfect for a hike.  There were so many people!   YUCK!  I hate that.  I want to get away from crowds when I head for the hills.     Come to find out,  a high school cross country meet was just ending.   There was a couple of spots to park near Lily Marsh Trail.  This was exactly where I wanted to hike, anyway. 

_MG_8285e _MG_8286e _MG_8287e

We heard some Pileated Woodpeckers.  They are annoying and loud and elusive.  We finally spotted a couple making all of the commotion.  I had a hard time capturing a photo.  This one is high up as it was pecking away. They are bigger than I thought.


We continued on and headed down the Huckleberry Trail.

_MG_8290e _MG_8291e _MG_8293e _MG_8294e

Still no moose!

_MG_8304e _MG_8311e_MG_8307e   _MG_8312e


I tried to take a couple of creative shots of downed tree’s and debris,

 _MG_8317e _MG_8318e 


The forest was very quiet, except for the occasional noise of the woodpeckers.

After we finished our hike, My Handyman admitted that it was enjoyable and he felt really good.   Maybe I’ll be able to drag him out on future hikes with me.

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