Sunday, June 9

Time Management

It seems that blogging isn’t quite the thing it used to be.   I used to have the time to read blogs upon blogs every night.  Now I don’t.  I still read blogs.  I just manage my blog reading time.   I used to think I was a time manager but now I wonder about my skills.  My life seems to be full of chaos.  I joined a fitness challenge.  I have a gym Nazi.  I don’t seem to know which way I am going.   I leave the house at 5:45 AM.   I get home after 6 PM  and try to be in bed around 8:30PM to read and wind down.   In those couple of hours at home I run a household, clean, do chores, fix meals etc and try to maintain a relationship with My Handyman.   What happened to my life?  I have a family, Grandkids to enjoy and church callings.    OH boy!  I thought my life would be slowing down at this age.   I also volunteer several hours a month doing photography for those that otherwise aren’t able to have family photo’s.    I need to sit down and regroup; really really bad..   I need to give up some of my stuff.  Discover what is really important.   How do I do that?   What do I give up that I love?    Is all of my crafty and artistic projects really necessary?   I’ve discovered… not so much.  I have hardly done anything crafty the last several months.  Do I miss it?  Yes! I know I will find time in the future.   For now…  I will figure it out eventually.   Time management?  PPPTHHH!!!!!   Just kidding… I’m going to sit down and figure something out.

I shot a senior photo shoot a couple of weeks ago and a wedding.  I still haven’t edited them.

Tomorrow I am off to girls camp with the 12-17 year old girls from church for 4 days.  I am really looking forward to this time.  I need to renew my spirit.  I need to bond with and strengthen friendships.   I need to regroup and just relax and enjoy.

Here are a few pictures from my last photo  shoots.








Enjoy the time that you have and ……………………..


Be Creative!

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Connie said...

You certainly are creative. I love the photo with the hands shaped into a heart behind her back. That is out-of-the-box and oh so special.
I did wedding, high school seniors and family photography for eight years. It was back in the late eighties and mid-nineties, just before digital cameras came along. Back then my favorite thing was playing in the dark room, but I sent all my colored photos to a professional lab. Digital is a wonderful new technology.
Well, you certainly have a talent for creativity and your lighting is spot on perfect:)
Beautiful work!
Your blogging sister (or grandma) Connie :)