Thursday, March 21

On Top of the World

Monday was my birthday!   Another year older.  Wahoo!   I took the day off work and went on a morning hike with my daughter Ashley.  We hiked to Table Rock which is in the Boise foothills.  The Ridge to Rivers site has a map of all the trails in the Boise Foothills. We went on the Old Penitentiary trail which joins Table Rock trail #15 – strait to the top… 

Most of these pictures were taken with cell phones so the quality isn’t the greatest.

We started in the parking lot behind the Bishop’s House near the Old Idaho Penitentiary and hiked up the hill to the cross at Table Rock.  It took us about and hour to get to the top.  When we started it was 27* out.   Perfect hiking weather. There was a pretty good incline most of the way.

IMG_20130318_104327_154 IMG_20130318_110155_777

We were about half way up the trail when I took this picture of the city below.

_MG_5487 E

Here is a picture of Ashley just ahead of me on the trail.  ( I was taking a quick breather)


We made it to the top! It was windy and chilly but the site below was oh so pretty!

This is a picture of the Old Idaho Penitentiary at the base of the trail.

_MG_5489 E

I zoomed in and got a shot of downtown Boise from the top of Table Rock.

_MG_5495 E

The cross on Table Rock that is lit up every night.

_MG_5497 E

Here I am trying to get a shot of me with the sun in my eyes and the city below


Ashley and I


And of course the Silly shot of us.


After we hiked down we stopped and shared a turkey sandwich at Big City then wandered around Whole (paycheck) Foods for awhile.   I then went to my Son Eric’s and visited with the Grandkids for awhile.   What a great birthday indeed!



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Connie said...

Great view and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
I'm a bit late, but have a great day today . . . your blogging sister, Connie :)

Barbara said...

Love these pic... especially the one of your two being silly.... silly silly girls