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Some people believe in miracles.  Some people believe in fate.  Some people believe in Karma.   Some people believe it is what it is.

This is forever in my memory…

Three years ago today, my son was shot in the heart with a nail gun.  He was at work in Tamarack working on an addition to big resort home.   It was cold, windy and snowy. His crew was trying to finish so they could head home to Boise for Christmas.   He was climbing up the ladder with the nail gun and slipped on an icy step.     The nail gun hit his chest and shot the nail.   It entered on impact.

He stepped down the ladder and called 911.   It took awhile for the ambulance to get to him from McCall.   The emergency room took X-rays and  weren’t sure if the nail was in his heart or not.  They called Boise and it was determined to Life Flight him there.   Again… it was windy and snowy.   Life flight could not take off.   An airplane had to be sent to McCall from Boise to pick him up and take him back to Boise, then to the hospital.  

Friends and Family were gathering at the Saint Al’s Emergency room anxiously awaiting his arrival.  It took 5 hours for him to get there and into surgery.  We were crying,  nervous, anxious, talking, comforting each other and praying.  We had no idea what to expect or even how serious the injury was.  

The surgeons had a room waiting for him with their plans in place.   Just before his arrival they escorted us to a waiting room as they took Jenn, his wife,  to be with him for a few seconds as they wheeled him to surgery. We were told it would be a couple of hours before we knew anything.  Time stood still.  More silent prayers.

I don’t remember the exact time, but it was less than 2 hours and the surgeon came out.   The first words out of his mouth was that Eric had survived a fatal injury.   Several of us started crying.  The doctor continued to explain that they cut his chest open,  quickly pulled the nail out then opened him up to see the damage.   The nail had gone through two chambers of his heart.  A small clot had formed around the nail.  It took one stitch to sew the hole in his heart.  Much more to sew up his chest.

5 hours!  With a 3 1/4” 16 penny ring shank nail in his heart.   I believe in the power of prayer.  I believe in divine intervention.   I believe that he was being protected all those hours before his arrival for the surgeons to take over.

He was able to go home Christmas morning.  He spent the day surrounded by his loving family and gave us a Christmas Miracle of 2009.


Miracle 09_edited-1

Miracle 09_edited-3

Here he his with his beautiful family.



Merry Christmas!

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Cheryl said...

Oh my gosh! Your story gave me chills. This truly was a divine miracle.

Your layout is gorgeous!

Merry Christmas!