Sunday, December 9

Jolly Ole Man

I just finished painting the Santa Tree.   I started out with a rusty metal tree.  It is about 2 feet tall.  I base coated it by sponging with sand to give it an eggshell texture.   My paint of choice is Deco Art Americana.  I purchase almost all of my paint supplies at Quality Art.  I don’t spend a lot on my paint brushes because I wear them out so fast.  I use Royal Soft Grips.  They are usually about $3-4 dollars each.

I {heart} wooly sheep. 


I have a mixed theme on this Santa.   He has a slight touch of patriotic to him.


_MG_5113 _MG_5112



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Jenn said...

Very nice - and soooo much better than the ones we saw at The Red Barn