Monday, March 21

Jump Creek

Sunday was such a pretty Spring day.  The temperature got up into the low 60’s.   Once church got out, we decided to get out and enjoy it. 

Jump Creek is just shy of an hour from home;  South of Marsing in the Owyhee’s.    We were not the only ones out enjoying the day. There was quite the crowd. 

We hiked down into the canyon to the waterfall and back the opposite direction.  Next time we’ll hike to the top.


The Landscape is amazing.   In the middle of the desert there is this this rocky lava landscape. There is a little creek we had to cross a couple of times before getting to the waterfall.



I could stand inside the cave in the picture below.  The rock walls are pretty tall.



Everything is starting to turn green.  These tiny yellow flowers are only about 1/4 inch wide.  The green won’t be here for long.  When the hot summer days arrive, everything will be dry and brown.


Idaho has some pretty amazing things to see.



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