Saturday, February 20

Cabin Fever

Last Saturday was so nice.   Even though the day started out foggy and was still pretty hazy all day, it was great to get out of the house.   It got up to the mid 50’s.   We decided to head south to the Snake River Canyon.  It’s close; about 30 minutes South of home.   

Celebration Park along the river is an archaelogical site.  It is very dry,and rocky from the lava flows and there are a lot of critters.   Spring is a perfect time to visit, before the rattle snakes make their appearance. A lot of the rocks are taller than me.  (Thats not saying much!)


There are 1000’s of petroglyphs to view.  You have to really look for them. Some really stand out depending on how the light hits them.  Others not so much.  It’s a federal violation to dig, deface or take anything from the site.  There are quite a few arrowheads, too.  The little center has a lot of cool information and history.


The petroglyphs range from 200 – 15,000 years old. 

There is a bridge that crosses the river,  I think it was used back in the day for rail cars to take supplies across the river.  It has been converted to a walking path and you can hike or take horses etc across and enjoy the desert.   Down by the park you can put a boat in. There are catfish, bass, and even sturgeon.  In the 40’s a 1500 pound sturgeon was caught.  It wasn’t uncommon to catch them around 400 pounds.   Now they are protected everywhere in the river.


Idaho has so many natural wonders to explore and I look forward to exploring all of them.  





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