Thursday, January 29

A Winter’s Walk

A couple of weekends ago, when the sun had burnt through the fog and the ugly inversion, I bundled up and took a walk along the little greenbelt in Kuna that runs along Indian Creek.   I grabbed my camera and took a few shots. Most of the creek was frozen over with a few puddles here and there.

_MG_4067_edited-1 _MG_4069_edited-1 _MG_4070_edited-1 _MG_4071_edited-1

  _MG_4074_edited-1 _MG_4075_edited-1

The rope hanging silently, waiting for the summer laughter of the swimming hole.

_MG_4076_edited-1 _MG_4077_edited-1

_MG_4087_edited-1 _MG_4090_edited-1

_MG_4089_edited-1 _MG_4092_edited-1

Roseberries and nesting boxes.

_MG_4094_edited-1   _MG_4107_edited-1

_MG_4109_edited-1 _MG_4120_edited-1 _MG_4126_edited-1

_MG_4114_edited-1 _MG_4117_edited-1




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