Monday, January 18

Lister’s Gotta List

Have you heard of The Reset Girl?  She teaches you how to organize and RESET your life.   She is a planner, a list maker, goal oriented, a motivator and so much more.     She has a shop that sell’s planner supplies.  She designs and prints her own stickers.   She, along with Christy Tomlinson have a Planner class and monthly kit.  I have used a planner for years.   Quite honestly, I don’t have time to decorate them and make all fancy.  It is the current craze and big business!    I prefer to use a monthly kit from Cocoa Daisy.  It is cute and great for my style.   I just do the Daily Planner pages only.  They have all kinds of subscription kits to choose from.  

So back to the subject…  The Reset Girl has a monthly  #listersgottalist challenge.    I’ve always been a list maker (one of the reasons I keep a planner).  You can sign up on her website and you will receive a monthly email with your list.   I love this idea.   It’s kind of like a quick little journal.  It sparks memories or makes you think of current things to write about.  

December was the very first month I chose to do this.    I make my little book out of 6x6 CTMH scrapbook paper.  I use their White Pines paper packet along with the compliments.   I also cut out a few shapes with my Silhouette Cameo.    I decided after a month of this, It took up way too much of my time.  My January list is much simpler.   There is also a Facebook group that you can join.   Everyone shares their daily lists.    There is a huge variety of lists.  It is quite inspiring.   Some people think it is crazy. Why do you want to make lists everyday?   Well… It’s a journal,  It sparks memory, I can practice my lettering,  I can doodle and so much more.  Give it a try!

Here are pictures of my December Listersgottalist. 

IMG_2275_edited-1 IMG_2276_edited-1 IMG_2277_edited-1

YES!!!  I did accidentally make one of the pages upside down!  LOL!!!!

IMG_2278_edited-1 IMG_2279_edited-1 IMG_2280_edited-1 IMG_2281_edited-1





IMG_2286_edited-1  IMG_2287_edited-1 IMG_2288_edited-1 IMG_2289_edited-1 IMG_2290_edited-1 IMG_2291_edited-1

If you are on Instagram you can see many examples.  Search by hashtags  #listersgottalist #listmaker #lists #resetgirl

Here is a sneak peak of January.   I found a journal book on sale at Craft Warehouse.   Each page will be a new day and so much simpler.   See my Instagram account @CreativeMish for current daily photos.   Give it a try.





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