Wednesday, July 9

Rivers and Lizards

I grew up in Eastern Idaho…  We lived fairly close to the Snake River.    The school I went to was Snake River.   I moved to Boise as a teenager and didn’t think much about the river at that age.    You can read all about this amazing river HERE.   It runs down along the Eastern part of Idaho, across the Southern part of Idaho and into Oregon.  There are crappie, bass, trout, catfish and sturgeon that weigh 100’s of pounds.   The pioneers had to cross this great river as they trekked along the Oregon Trail. 

The Snake River runs through the Snake River canyon about 20 miles South of Kuna. (my home) It is an old lava flow way out in the desert.   On the way to Silver City (old silver mining ghost town in the Owyhee mountains), there was a Ferry that crossed the river.  It was a route to get from Boise to Silver City and to San Francisco.   

Over the weekend we stopped at a little museum near this part of the River.   There is now a large bridge that crosses the river.




We drove along the river until we arrived at Marsing Idaho.  The river is pretty wide and smooth through this area of Idaho. 




Looking across the river there are several orchards and a couple of wineries.  The biggest one is St Chapelle .  You also have a perfect view of Lizard Butte.


Idaho sure has some beautiful scenery.



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Jenn said...

I sure love our state - so gorgeous!