Saturday, November 30

Hanging On

The last of the Fall leaves are just barely hanging on.  The beautiful colors are almost gone.   Winter is almost here.   I took a little walk around my backyard and down the little greenbelt along Indian Creek and took a couple of photos to celebrate the end of the best season ever.
_MG_0233_edited-1 _MG_0231_edited-1
It's time to put away the Fall stuff and get out the Winter stuff…
_MG_0236_edited-1 _MG_0228_edited-1 _MG_0237_edited-1

Listen to this amazing song by Britt Nicole "Hanging On".



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Friday, November 29

The {F} Family

I had a great time shooting this family.  It was another beautiful Fall day in Boise, Idaho.  There were so many good photo’s I had a hard time deciding which one’s to share.  




I shot a few individual ones, also.



IMG_9940_edited-1 IMG_0164





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Thursday, November 28

The {M} Family

I took pictures of this fun family a few weeks ago.  It turned out to be a beautiful Fall day in Boise, Idaho.

2 1/2 year old twins are quite the adventure.  :)








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Saturday, November 23

Black and White

Everything is not always black and white.   We live in a colorful world.  I love black and white photography,  but for some reason I have a hard time editing it.

I can’t even tell you how many hundreds of pictures I took this year.   I picked a handful and was playing around in Photoshop and did a few edits.  All in different shades of black and white.

A bee in the desert of Idaho collecting pollen.


Here are a few taken near McCall, Idaho

_MG_8280e _MG_8326e _MG_8359e

Here are a couple of interesting tree stumps along Huckleberry Trail near McCall, Idaho.

_MG_8304e _MG_8314e

An old barn near McCall, Idaho.


Craters of the Moon National Park, Idaho.

_MG_7779 _MG_7788

An old bridge at Celebration Park near Melba, Idaho along the Snake River.

_MG_7437 _MG_7447_edited-1

Summer of 2013 Idaho Wildfires.   Near Fairfield, Idaho.

Idaho wildfire 2013


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Sunday, November 10


Fall is in the air.   The last several weeks I’ve taken some pictures of our gorgeous Fall here in Idaho.  I hope you enjoy them.

_MG_9085 copy   _MG_9086 copy

Just a reminder that Idaho is an Open Range state.   Cattle always have the right of way.  If you hit one,  it will cost you a pretty penny.

_MG_9087 copy

 _MG_9091 copy  _MG_9095 copy_MG_9096 copy

Tamarack pines turn a beautiful golden color in the Fall.  These beauties are about an hour North of Boise.

   _MG_9103 copy

_MG_9101 copy

_MG_9100 copy

And of course I have a lot of color in my own back yard.

_MG_9209 _MG_9210 copy  _MG_9215 copy _MG_9220 copy



Happy Fall !


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