Saturday, April 12

M4H P52: 15/52

I went shopping today.  I don’t like to shop.  I have to psych myself  to go..  UGH!    I don’t like dealing with the other shoppers.  Because of that, I usually do most of my shopping on line.  

I had a couple of great coupons about to expire and I really needed a pair of new jeans.   A few weeks ago, my employer started allowing salaried employees to have Friday casual day.   I get to wear jeans to work!   It’s only one day a week but I’ll take that!

As you know,   the new style of jeans are  worn and have the white stitching.   I had a hard time finding a pair that wasn’t frayed or full of holes.   I can’t wear those to work.   I found a pair of long jeans and a pair of Capri's. I love them.

This weeks word -  WHITE


PS…  I also bought a couple of pair of shoes..  It was a successful shopping day.


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Sunday, April 6


As I walked down the path along Indian Creek, I was looking and studying everything.   I wanted some macro shots and I wanted practice.   I took a lot of photo’s.  Some not so good.  I adjusted the F-stop many times to see the different bokah effects. 

Mother Earth is rebirthing.   Buds of life are showing up everywhere.  I took pictures of a few of the shrubs along the creek as they’re starting to leaf.  I took pictures of a couple of trees in bloom.   Most of my pictures, quite honestly, are well….. weeds. I know I need more practice but that is part of the fun of the adventure.    

_MG_0730_edited-1 _MG_0731_edited-1 _MG_0734_edited-1 


Weeds have such tiny delicate flowers.  Most of these tiny little beauties only measures about 1/4” – 1/2” across.   I found yellow, white, purples and pinks.   So pretty. 

_MG_0727_edited-1 _MG_0735_edited-1   _MG_0757_edited-1 _MG_0765_edited-1

I got down on my hands and knees and practiced taking some close ups.


I even took some close ups of the tree bark and pine needles,

  _MG_0720_edited-1 _MG_0721_edited-1 _MG_0722_edited-1


Here are a few from home.   My tulips are starting to get some color. Tulips are my favorite.

_MG_0767_edited-1 _MG_0768_edited-1

Hens and Chicks


I hope you notice all of the beauty that is around you today.  Get out and enjoy nature.

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Saturday, April 5

M4H P52: 14/52

I took my camera out today.  Last year I bought a Canon 100mm macro lens and have used it only a couple of times.   I decided to use it and play around with the settings.   I took a walk down to Indian Creek this morning.   It was such a beautiful day out.   Mother Earth is awakening and coming back to life after her season of sleep.    This busy little bee was gathering pollen on a bright yellow dandylion.  His little legs were covered.  Even weeds can have a certain beauty about them.  The brightness radiates Spring.

Word this week:  Radiate



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M4H P52: 13/52

I live in the desert.  I’ve mentioned this before and I’m sure I’ll mention it again.  So many people don’t realize that Southwest Idaho is the desert.  Yes, we are surrounded by mountains, but the lava rock and sagebrush is closer.  I drove about 3 miles out of town and took a picture facing North East.   That snow capped mountain is where Bogus Basin Ski Resort is located.  At the base of that mountain is our Capitol City, Boise.  

It is a vast state that I live in.  We are surrounded by farmland, sagebrush and mountains.

Word for week 13:  Vast



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